Maintenance Jobs

1. Installation or/and uninstallation of pumping equipment

2. Diagnosing (for repair purposes) of pumping equipment. Any brand

3. Repair jobs of pumping equipment. Any brand

4. Testing of pumping equipment


We provide an all-round service, high quality and reliable results; our personnel have the technical competence and qualifications to satisfy our customer’s needs.

We have a TESTING LABORATORY accredited by the EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity) to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 that runs in accordance with the following NOM-001-ENER-2014 methods: “The energetic efficiency of vertical turbine pumps with an external electrical engine” and “The hydrodynamic performance testing method” which is our own LMP-11-01 norm for other kinds of pump equipment.

Our laboratory can test a large variety of pump equipment with different diameter ranges and measuring points, it has one 6.40 meters deep sump with a capacity of 441 m³ of clean water. Its measuring range goes from 8 LPS up to 3778 LPS.

Our Laboratory’s infrastructure allows the following discharge tube diameters: 4”Ø, 6”Ø, 10”Ø, 14”Ø, 20”Ø and 36”Ø, all of which can be adjusted to dresser couplings with a 150 psi capacity in accordance with the ANSI B16.5 norm.

We can measure the Volumetric Flow Rate in 4" to 36" diameter pipes, which equals to a measuring range that goes from 8 LPS to 3778 LPS.

We have a 350 HP variable speed drive, a 500 HP starter for low voltage (440 volts), and a 1000 HP starter for medium voltage (4160 volts), as well as different kinds of motors, which allows us to test a wide range of pump equipment.

Our testing laboratory is compliant to our customers’ needs and market expectations.