In Fairbanks Morse

We produce Fairbanks Morse centrifugal pumps, Deep Well Vertical Turbine Pumps, short column writs, propeller, axial and mixed flow pumps, Horizontal Split Case Pumps, Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Non-Clog Pumps, Horizontal and Vertical Angle flow solids-handling pumps, Paper Stock Pumps and Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps, made in Mexico and tested in our EMA certified laboratory.


Acquire awareness of the decisions that are made, as well as in the future: towards the workers themselves and towards the clients.


Want what we do and fight every day to improve our products and services that we offer to our customers.


Adopt the changes when necessary, through innovation, openness, search for new markets and projection.


  • Quality Management System certified

Testing Laboratory

  • It’s accredited as a testing laboratory by the EMA

Quality Management

  • Pumping equipment that meet standards and standards


Why us?

You would have a single supplier

Expert advice on the selection of pumping equipment

Custom made pumping equipment

We offer performance testing in our Laboratory

We set up and start your pumping equipment

We can do the electromechanic job required

We have a wide range of construction material for all kind of pumps

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Our Customers

Government Entities

This is an important market because they are responsible for water management on a Federal level. Due to the fact that we have placed our efforts into this specific market, we have become important suppliers across the country for customers such as: CONAGUA (National Water Commission), SACMEX (Municipal water utility of Mexico City), CEAS (Tabasco State Water and Sewer Commission), SAS (Municipal water utility of Villahermosa, Tabasco), PEMEX (Mexican Petroleum), C.F.E. (Federal Commission of Electricity) and other Municipal and State Commissions.

National Industry

We are suppliers to the Chemical, Sugar, Mining, Automotive and Steel Industry, as well as all kinds of Industries that require the usage of pumps, on a National level.


Since its establishment, our company has exported pump parts that meet International Quality Standards, making us reliable suppliers, especially to our American Customers. We are currently going through a planning process in order to expand towards the North and South American market in the near future.

Our Clients